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Hemp Oil with CBD – Advantages of Hemp Plant-Derived CBD


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the must-buy products that is flooding the shelves of stores everywhere. Given the popularity of hemp oil with CBD, it’s easy to see why people have some questions about what CBD really is. It seems that everywhere you look, you can find CBD products being advertised. Since CBD is often associated with marijuana, there is a lot of confusion about hemp oil with CBD products and their safety. In this article, we will discuss what hemp plant-derived CBD really is and what it can do for you.

What Is Hemp Plant-Derived CBD?

Hemp plant-derived CBD is cannabidiol that has been taken specifically from the hemp plant. Hemp, one variation of the cannabis family, is known for its industrial uses. However, now, it is becoming more popular for the CBD that is hidden within its leaves. CBD is a type of cannabinoid that is able to bond with the cannabinoid receptors within human and animal bodies. It is now being marketed in a wide range of products to offer many helpful uses. 

Hemp Oil with CBD Has Many Benefits

CBD is becoming so popular specifically because it has a wide range of uses. While scientists are still hard at work learning everything that CBD can do for the body, CBD products are being offered for the betterment of many. There are a few commonly known uses for CBD products. We wrote about other benefits in a previous article.

Pain Relief

The most common use for CBD products right now is for pain relief. Many people, ranging from athletes to those who suffer from chronic pain, are currently using CBD products for relief. This natural alternative is great for those who are looking for relief without the risks commonly associated with pain relievers.

Mental Health

In addition to alleviating physical pain, CBD is being used to treat certain mental health conditions. Many people who suffer from depression and anxiety have found that daily use of CBD products can help their symptoms quite a bit.


Whether you are a long-term sufferer, dealing with nausea from medication, or simply get seasick, CBD can help. It is commonly used by patients who are undergoing chemo because of its high levels of relief from this unpleasant side effect.

CBD Comes In Many Different Forms

CBD products are available in a variety of different forms, which makes it easy to find one that is right for you. You can easily experiment with different kinds of products to find what works best. Different methods can be effective for different concerns.

Common Forms Include:

  • Topicals (lotion, skincare products, oils)
  • Edibles (gummies, cookies, drinks, and more)
  • Vape Oils (for use with vape pens)

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Hemp Oil with CBD Will Not Get You High

Many people confuse hemp plant-derived CBD, and hemp oil with CBD, with the CBD that is derived from marijuana. Though both products do exist and can offer comparable benefits, the fact is that they are not the same. CBD that has been derived from marijuana is commonly known for also having THC within the products. This psychoactive compound, which is found exclusively in marijuana, is the component responsible for making people feel “high” during use. It is important to understand that hemp and marijuana, while they are both derivatives of cannabis, are not the same plant. Hemp is a variant that has been specially grown to suppress THC and, in many cases, boost CBD levels.

Hemp-Derived CBD Is Not The Same As Hemp Seed Oil

In addition to hemp plant-derived CBD being frequently confused with marijuana products, it is also confused with hemp seed oil. If you are one of the people who have been baffled by the differences in these products, you are not alone. Hemp oil is a completely different product, which is only made more confusing by the fact that many companies don’t want you to know that. In a lot of cases, hemp oil products are being marketed as if they were actual CBD products. They are not and do not offer the same benefits. In fact, the people who benefit from this confusion are the ones selling hemp oil products for the price of CBD products. Always make sure that your products specifically say that they have CBD and not hemp oil.

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We are only now beginning to learn the extent of the benefits that CBD has to offer us. If you are looking to explore the vast CBD market, begin by looking at the products available at reputable stores such as and the benefits that they are designed to provide. Always take the time to educate yourself on the products and their ingredients to ensure that you are able to receive the amazing perks that CBD can bring!

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