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What is organic CBD?

organic cbd plant and chemical formula

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about organic CBD. So, what is organic CBD? Find out below.

Why is organic CBD important?

The hemp plant is the origin of hemp CBD. Hemp contains hundreds of compounds. One of the primary compounds found in hemp is cannabidiol, or CBD. After it’s extracted, CBD is added into a wide assortment of health-oriented products including organic CBD oil.

USDA certified organic means that a government approved certifier has inspected the growing and processing conditions to ensure they meet official standards. The term “organic”, according to the USDA, refers to any item that is grown or produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, sewage sludge, ionizing radiation, or genetically modified organisms.

Hemp that has been grown using organic agricultural techniques is referred to as organically grown hemp. Organic CBD is CBD that’s been both extracted from organically grown hemp and then processed with no synthetic chemicals.

What is organic agriculture?

A form of farming using beneficial microbes and biological wastes to provide nutrients to crops and environmentally friendly methods to ensure healthy soil quality. This ensures that the soil remains healthy and alive using natural components to enrich the soil with materials like crop, farm, animal, and aquatic wastes. Using integrated weed management like manual weeding and mulching eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. This increases sustainability by reducing the impact on the environment and conserving resources.

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Why is it better for the environment?

Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals improves health and increases sustainability over the long term. USDA organic regulations restrict the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming removes the risks of human, animal, and environmental exposure to toxic materials because only recommended substances are used.

Using environmentally friendly agricultural methods fosters good soil quality. Such methods prevent soil erosion, depletion, degradation, and reduce pollutants in nature. Some of the approved methods for organic farming include crop rotation, green manures, animal manures, and integrated weed management. Such methods promote the existence of beneficial bacteria and decomposers and help improve fertility, biodiversity, and soil structure.

Pollution of groundwater with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is a major problem in many agricultural areas. Organic agriculture techniques prohibit the use of such chemicals, and are replaced by organic fertilizers including compost, animal manure, and green manures. Well managed organic systems create better nutrient retentive abilities and greatly reduce the risk of groundwater pollution.

Studies indicate a reduction in carbon emissions and global warming may be observed through organic agriculture practices. The production of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides requires high quantities of fossil fuel to be produced. Organic agriculture reduces non-renewable energy use by decreasing the need for these agrochemicals. Many organic agriculture practices increase the return of carbon to the soil.

Why choose organic CBD?

Organic CBD is a cleaner and more natural product. It is grown in pristine conditions, free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and using no genetically modified organisms. By choosing organic CBD, through their purchasing power, consumers promote an agricultural system with less pollution. This makes it a better choice for humans, animals, and the environment.

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