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Water Purification

Water Purification 2-Part Home Kit

Water Purification

Water purification removes contaminants remaining in drinking water. Subsequently, it also improves taste and water quality.


In this process contaminants are removed from water. Included are organic and inorganic materials, unhealthy chemical compounds, and biological pollutants.

There’s several methods used in the water purification process. Physical processes of removing contaminants include filtration or distillation. Biological processes such as active carbon or sand filters. Chemical processes like chlorination or the use of ultraviolet light.

One effective and eco-friendly process is using chlorine dioxide. According to the EPA, public water-treatment facilities use chlorine dioxide to make water safe for drinking.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

Chlorine dioxide is generally effective against all bacteria and viruses. The EPA supports the use of chlorine dioxide as a sterilizer. Safely able to eradicate all forms of microbial life including viruses, fungi, all bacterial species and their spores.

The FDA has warned that chlorine dioxide should not be consumed by humans. However, they also approved it as a class-II food additive. Frequently used in restaurants, food preparation, canning and cleaning fruit.

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