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Pet CBD – What You Should Know About CBD Oil For Pets

CBD oil is a hot topic right now as more people begin to explore the potential benefits that it can bring. Though research is still being done, many people are turning to CBD oil for their own personal health, as well as the health of their pets. Many pet owners are wondering if they should consider CBD oil for their pet’s needs too.

In this article, we will explore pet CBD oil and how it can help support good health for your favorite fur-child. Jump straight to our pet CBD products.


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a specialized oil that has been derived directly from hemp. Hemp is a form of cannabis that has been bred to reduce THC levels and boost levels of CBD. Many people confuse hemp oil with CBD and make the mistake of thinking it is the same thing. In reality, CBD oil is its own kind of oil with its own kind of benefits.

Hemp plant-derived CBD is cannabidiol that has been taken specifically from the hemp plant. Hemp, one variation of the cannabis family, is known for its industrial uses. However, now, it is becoming more popular for the CBD that is hidden within its leaves. CBD is a type of cannabinoid that is able to bond with the cannabinoid receptors within human and animal bodies.

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Is CBD Oil Safe For Pets?

At this point, we are still researching the overall benefits and safety of CBD oil. While it is always best to start with low doses in the event that your pet has an unexpected allergy, many veterinarians personally recommend CBD oil for use with pets. It’s believed to be a helpful solution for some pets, particularly those who are seeking out comfort in some way. Currently, CBD oil products can be purchased directly through our online platform, as well as through some vet offices directly.

CBD oil is considered safe for your pet, but it’s always best to discuss any new medications or treatment options with your vet.


What Are The Health Benefits of CBD Oil For Animals?

CBD oil is believed to have many benefits for humans, as well as their furry friends. Currently, CBD oil is used to treat a wide range of conditions including high blood pressure, issues with their nervous systems, and even allergies. Already, vets are recommending CBD products for pets who have pain for any reason, including arthritis and comparable conditions.

One area of interest among dog and cat owners is that CBD is often used to treat pet anxiety. Many pets around the world suffer from anxiety. Whether their anxiety has been caused by a traumatic event or they are just uncomfortable with changing circumstances, pet anxiety can be difficult to contend with. Dog owners frequently use CBD oil to soothe their pets during car rides, flights, and more. It’s believed that CBD can help soothe anxieties in pets so that your furry friend can be more content and calm.

How Can My Pet Take CBD Oil?


CBD oil has become so popular in recent years that some pet parents are looking to find helpful ways to give their pets CBD oil on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful options available that you can take advantage of for your pets. Since different pets have different habits and preferences, you might need to experiment to find the best possible option for your little friend. We believe that pet owners know their fur-babies best, which is why we always encourage trying different options.

One way for pets to take CBD oil is through CBD oil directly. In most cases, pet owners will simply use a dropper to add the correct dose to their pet’s food. Most pets won’t even notice the oil, particularly if it is used on wet food. Be cautious when using it on dry food and make sure that it does not slip through the pieces, as this might result in CBD oil being left in the bowl.

The most popular way to give pets CBD oil is through treats. CBD dog treats and cat treats are becoming more popular than ever. Simply find a good brand that offers up a biscuit in your pet’s favorite flavor and their needs will be met.

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Pet CBD Conclusion

If you’re considering using CBD oil for your pet, it’s always best to start with research. Hempjoy products are one of the best on the market for your furry-child. Make sure that you consult your pet’s vet before making any sudden changes and always start with smaller doses. In most cases, the products will tell you how to use them, which makes it nice and easy!


Can Pet CBD Oil Help With Anxiety?

Pets, just like people, can experience anxiety. In fact, anxiety in animals is fairly common—even if it is only circumstantial. Some situations can upset our pets and leave them in bad shape. 

With pets, anxiety is not just a feeling. It can be presented in a wide range of ways depending on the pet. Some pets will cry and be visibly distressed while others might find themselves with an upset stomach or the habit of chewing on their paws. Either way, they can lead to unpleasant outcomes. 

A lot of vets and scientists are becoming more interested in CBD oil. In fact, veterinarians around the world are prescribing CBD oil for pets who suffer from anxiety. It is believed that CBD oil can help pets with the issues and calm them, which is why it is being suggested for pets during loud events or even for something as simple as a ride in the car.

Does Pet CBD Oil Help With Joint Pain? 

Like us, pets can have struggles with their joints. In some cases, these issues can be caused by their genetic background. Certain breeds are known for their predisposition towards joint issues. Sometimes this can be a concern simply because a pet is aging or might be from an old injury. Some older pets develop arthritis and find problems with that. Joints are a vital part of animal bodies, which is why it is important to support them. 

Many vets recommend CBD oil for joint pain in animals. CBD oil is actively used because it has been associated with positive effects on both pain and inflammation, two problems that are almost always at the center of problems with the joints. Regular use of a CBD oil is believed to be able to provide ongoing relief and comfort for impacted pets, which can help them to run faster and jump farther!

Why Should I Choose CBD Oil Instead of Another Product?

CBD oil is only one option when it comes to providing your pet with CBD. In fact, there are a lot of incredible options available. So, with all of these options, why should you choose CBD oil? 

The first reason to choose CBD oil for pets is that it gives you more control, which is particularly important for picky eaters. Even though most of us have pets that will gobble up any strange substance off the floor, a lot of pets tend to shy away from anything that could fall into the medicine category. CBD oil is a great choice because it allows you to give it to your pet in a way that they prefer. You can sprinkle it on food or add it to meat. It lets you give CBD to your pet in a way that they will actually enjoy. 

Some people also prefer CBD oil for their pets because it has less ingredients. While a CBD treat might work for some pets, a pet with allergies might struggle with the extra ingredients. With oil, you can feel confident that your pet is getting the CBD that will help them without getting anything that might upset their bodies. 

Another great reason to choose CBD oil for your pet is because it makes dosing easier. Some pets require more or less CBD than others, which can make it difficult to find options that offer the right dose—especially if you have multiple pets. CBD oil lets you control exactly how much CBD your pet takes with ease.

Why Is CBD Becoming So Popular For Pets?

By now you have probably noticed that CBD is starting to get a lot of attention, especially for pets. The fact that CBD is trendy has made some people wonder if it is really all that great. The truth is that there have been several legal changes and a few scientific ones that have caused this sudden interest. 

There have been changes in laws surrounding hemp growth. Hemp is how most CBD products are made, so farmers being able to freely grow it is pretty significant. This is why you are seeing more CBD oil products. It is now easier for companies to make CBD oil so that they can share it with you. 

Pairing this with a larger interest in scientific research surrounding the benefits of CBD, its popularity has grown by quite a bit. This is why you are seeing this shift towards CBD in a medicinal capacity—because we are learning more about what it can do.

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