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Nano CBD – What is Ultrasonic CBD Enhancement?

A new leap in the enhancement of cannabinoids is the Ultrasonic Enhancement Technique (or Nano CBD). This method heightens the bioavailability of the extracts, providing an improved method of enhancement for CBD products. 

Over the years, the Cannabis debate has quickly moved from how legal it is to how important it is. This debate over the importance and medical applications of cannabis has led to rapid technological advancements in the medical cannabis industry. These advancements all seek to find the most efficient method of amplifying the viable therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant – cannabinoids. 


How does the Ultrasonic CBD Enhancement (Nano CBD) Technique work?

This technique, which is only just becoming relevant to the CBD, has been around in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time as pharmaceutical companies have been using this technology to micro-encapsulate compounds and enhancing the compounds for more effectiveness. In recent years and with the stringent rules and regulations governing the medical cannabis industry, concentrated extracts of CBD have become more popular than the traditional method of smoking the cannabis plant. This is a result of the fact that such extracts can be delivered through a variety of forms including edibles, vapor inhalers, and body lotions. Also, consuming a smaller dose of the extract has the ability to produce the same effects as smoking the plant directly.

The nano CBD Ultrasonic Enhancement Technique is the most effective method of amplifying or enhancing these CBD extracts. Here, a vibrating ultrasonic probe transmitting high and low-pressure sound waves is immersed into a solvent mixture usually of an oil such as hemp seed or mct coconut.

The high and low-pressure sound waves cause the molecular cohesive forces of the CBD to break down, creating millions of micro-bubbles – or cavities. These cavities expand during low pressure and implode during high pressure. As these cavities collapse, they create micro jet streams, microscopic shockwaves and eddies which creates a particularly harsh environment – a process called cavitation. And while this process of cavitation lasts but a few seconds, the harsh environment causes the cellular walls to break and release the bioactive compounds and components into the solvent. 

After proper enhancement, the extract’s effects become heightened due to the smaller, more bio-available nano-particles of CBD. The pharmaceutical industry’s own white papers are showing that nano-enhanced products are typically 4-8x more effective than those without nano-enhancement.

Benefits of the Ultrasonic CBD Enhancement (nano CBD) technique

Though recent, this technique of CBD enhancement has quickly gained grounds and keeps on growing in terms of popularity. While most experts understand that the most widely-used methods of applying CBD to products are effective, the benefits of ultrasonic enhancement seem to overpower its competition.

  • One of the most outstanding benefits of the Ultrasonic CBD enhancement technique is its high level of effectiveness makes it the ideal technique for small, medium-sized and large operations. This nano-enhanced method of CBD enhancement is also easily adaptable to a wide variety of applications and it can be used with a variety of solvents including water, ethanol, hemp seed oil, mct coconut oil, olive oil and carbon dioxide.
  • In addition, ultrasonic enhancement is environmentally friendly as it does not make use of harsh solvents to enhance the CBD. In addition, it is safe and easy to use. 
  • This method of enhancement preserves the concentration and integrity of the CBD. This is primarily due to the fact that ultrasonic enhancement does not rely on heat. Heat destroys CBD, which in turn reduce or destroy the medicinal benefits of the extract. However, ultrasonic enhancement is non-thermal and as such preserves the medicinal value of the extract. 
  • Nano-enhanced CBD extracts makes dosing easier, more effective and more convenient. This is because the nano-enhanced CBD extract has essentially no colour, odour or flavour. 
  • Another benefit of nano-enhanced CBD extracts and products is bioavailability. This pertains to the rate and amount of CBD that enters into your bloodstream including the level of CBD needed to give you the desired effect. Due to the ease of dosing, the varied methods of delivery and the nano-amplified nature of the extract, it is easier to deliver these extracts in a manner that allows the extract to be delivered to the blood stream within minutes. An example of such a method will be to encapsulate the nanoparticles in a topical cream or lotion helping that CBD get more efficiently delivered to the body where you need it.

Nano CBD (Ultrasonic CBD Enhancement) – Conclusion

The process of Ultrasonic CBD enhancement is seen by many as the next step in enhancement, processing and preservation of CBD. It is a newer and better method of CBD enhancement as it is cheap and easier to use, adaptable, environmentally-friendly and maintains the extract’s quality, integrity and concentration. There is no doubt that Nano CBD products are more effective, more convenient and above all more bioavailable. Taking all the aforementioned benefits of this method into consideration, the ultrasonic method of CBD enhancement and Nano CBD products are the future of the cannabis industry.

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