Pet CBD – What You Should Know About CBD Oil For Pets


CBD oil is a hot topic right now as more people begin to explore the potential benefits that it can bring. Though research is still being done, many people are turning to CBD oil for their own personal health, as well as the health of their pets. Many pet owners are wondering if they should […]

What is CBD? 7 Ways CBD Might Improve Overall Health


CBD and other hemp-derived products are sweeping the nation – but what exactly is CBD, and why does it seem suddenly so popular out of the blue? If you’ve been seeing advertisements for it lately but you’re still in the dark, we’re here to give you a full breakdown on everything CBD. We see CBD […]

Nano CBD – What is Ultrasonic CBD Enhancement?


In this article, we talk about what Nano CBD is and its benefits. Click here to view our Nano CBD products, or visit our store. Nano CBD Introduction A new leap in the enhancement of cannabinoids is the Ultrasonic Enhancement Technique (or Nano CBD). This method heightens the bioavailability of the extracts, providing an improved […]

CBD a Shining Alternative to Opioids – A spotlight during MLB Season

Hemp Joy Baseball CBD

CBD has been heating up across the country, becoming popular in different groups and organizations. Since then, former and current athletes from most professional sports leagues have continued to come forward and speak about the benefits CBD has to offer. Now that it’s officially MLB season again, we want to touch on some of the […]

CBD Finally Finding Acceptance in Professional Sports

Medical marijuana (or recreational marijuana, for that matter), still has a long way to go, before it makes its way into professional sports. However, that’s not the case for CBD products. With the now irrefutable science behind the destructive power of opioids, and their high-risk of addiction, professional athletes and their advocates are looking for alternatives. Many are choosing CBD as an option; although, they still risk penalties from their sport’s governing bodies.